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Level Ready is an independent game development studio founded in 2020 by Javier Martinez. The first game by the studio, is an American Football game called Legend Bowl and has been in development since the company was first established. Legend Bowl is a retro style football game where you take on a team and try to win it all! Legend Bowl is slated for a release in 2020 on PC with consoles set to release shortly after. The studio is also working on a mobile game titled Alienacs which is a maze-like game where you’re an alien trying to find your eggs before humans and enemy aliens find them first. It’s a strategic game mixed with melee and range combat coming to iOS and Android devices everywhere. The founder has worked for 15+ years in the technology field in leadership positions along the way. He also worked at Electronic Arts where he had a chance to be a part of the MADDEN and NCAA franchises. Located in Orlando, FL, Level Ready is focused on creating innovative, addictive, highly polished, and fun games to players around the world.

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Level Ready's games are currently under heavy development and can been followed on our social media accounts along with dedicated game websites.




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